/ turn to a savage, pockets got fatter /

I run to what most people would consider awful music. I like to feed the part of me that hasn’t matured past teenage jock while exercising. It provides a good release for arrogance and ego and keeps the rest of the day in check. 21 savage would characterize it as being in savage mode. I think there is a perfect balance of self confidence that needs to be reached in all people, especially athletes. I struggle sometimes to find this in myself and to instill it in the athletes I coach.

Working with kids that are already athletes is easier since most of them have already developed decent self confidence and a set of expectations for themselves. The harder part is mostly keeping their ego in check and making sure they stay proper sportsmen. Treat every transgression against an opponent as a learning opportunity for some personal growth in the area of humility. The harder but more rewarding is seeing some nerdy kid find their self confidence through sport. It can’t always be done but if they are willing to put in the work some huge transformations can happen between freshman and senior year.

There’s a lot of over politeness in the PNW that I think seeps into competition. I have always been a fan of being a humble winner and a gracious loser but I don’t think there is anything wrong with letting people know you have every intention to show up to an event and win. Good natured banter is going to happen in healthy competition, as Chad Ocho-Cinco said “If I don’t prepare myself I can’t talk no trash”. Ā Seeing the transformation in a kid who is too afraid to call out “Starboard” or assert that they have mark room is one of the greatest things in coaching. At my first serious coaching job it took a few years but it eventually got to the point where I had 12 serious athletes I could count on the show up and get the job done. I think a lot of other programs saw us as sort of cocky, especially the less competitively focused ones but at the same time I received one of the biggest complements in my career when a peer from another program refered to us as “dominating” during our time as the top program in the region. I’d like to get back to building a dominating program out here. Put in the work, be a savage at practice, make competition easy.

-Jaws /)



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