How much do you like it here?

Enough to stay for years? That was the plan originally. Lay roots, build a career, leave a legacy. Life is slow in Olympia but a slow down was much needed. You can only run at a million miles an hour before you burn out and end up chopped and screwed. Life seems like a restart of a restart right now. Building something to be proud of has seemed to be taking a back seat for years, often times I feel like I’m chasing a return to a level I had reached in the past that may be unachievable in the near future. Is it worth the delay to return to something only to grow more? Perhaps. There are only so many options out there after all.

Idle hands are the devils play thing so now I spend my time in coffee shops writing, writing anything. On July 15th we have our first regatta. November 30th was the last event I coached at, it was the Cressy national championship. 228 days between events, the longest break I have had in a long time. New year, new team, new me. I have no expectations for this regatta, I want the kids to simply go and sail how they always have. I will mostly be taking notes and making minor suggestions. You can’t correct anything during a regatta as a coach outside of the mental game of the athlete. You do the mechanics, the tactics, the strategy, the theory, in between the events. The focus has to be on going fast and finding wind, head outside the boat 90 percent of the time. I’m predicting furious note taking by myself but I also predict I will be pleasantly surprised with a few of the sailors. There’s five practices before race day, two of these will probably be club race days so we will have time to analyze and improve.

The growth of the sailors skills will directly impact the growth of the program, which I think also reflects my growth as a coach and on a more abstract level as a person. 1 percent improvement everyday but that’s a post for another time.

How much do I like it here?

Enough for now.

-Jaws /)


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