These first blog posts always suck because you have to spend so much time introducing yourself and setting up a general theme. I recently moved to Olympia WA for a job as a sailing coach. This has more of less been my ‘career’ for the past ten years and I have been lucky enough to travel to every part of the country as part of my job and have worked with programs with less than hundred youth sailors to over a thousand. I have to say I had some pretty ambitious career goals that I wanted to hit by my 10th year coaching but they have gotten a bit side tracked in the last year or so and Olympia represents a clean start for me.

The program here is still in it’s early stages but has come quite a way in the past three years thanks to an ambitious director and community support. The vast majority of the race team kids are tenacious underclassmen that are very green when it comes to racing but have had some success on the local high school circuit. Having a chance to work with some sailors who will be in the program for a while was really appealing to me and has made me seriously consider staying here for longer than just the summer season. We still have a lot of work to do though, all the kids are still in the process of getting the mechanics down and racing in a pre-programmed, reactionary mode versus a more fluid adaptive anticipatory mode. The nice thing is they are highly coachable though, mechanically the middle school aged sailors have made a ton of progress on roll tacking the boat and sailing the boat rather than being sailed by the boat. We will have to see what Wednesday practice holds in terms of wind but we should be able to move on to gybes and transitions.

Outside of sailing I’ve been doing a lot of running and weight lifting. It’s been highly rewarding rediscovering the athleticism that I once had. There is a fourth of July 5k I plan on running and am hoping to break 20:00. Just a bit worried about the switchbacks in the last six hundred meters. I’ll update with how it went.

-Jaws /)


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